No-Cost Time Extension Request

Submitted one month prior to the end of current budget period on an as needed basis, depending on the amount of remaining funds.
NIH Instructions

Required Documents for Request
Downloadable Forms

1. No-cost Time Extension Request
Letter addressed to the Project Officer at NIH should include:
a) start/ending dates of the extension (maximum of 12 months)
b) remaining funds
c) plans to spend the remaining funds
2. fp4: Detailed budget (for the requested extension year)
3. Checklist Form
4. Project IRB Approval from UCLA
5. fp6: Checklist

UCLA Internal Documents for OCGA
Contacts: Kathy Cheever Bonfire (Epi MSO), Kristin Lund (OCGA)
Downloadable Forms

1. 740

Provide all the above documents to Kathy Cheever and Kristin Lund for submission to NIH Project Officer.