Issuing a Subcontract

Contacts: Kathy Cheever Bonfire (Epi MSO), Sharon Lam (OCGA Subcontracts), Harveen Kukreja (OCGA Subcontracts)

Required Documents from the Subcontract Institution

1. Budget
2. Workscope
3. Budget justification
4. Subaward Checklist
5. F&A rate agreement
6. Subrecipient Commitment Form
7. W-9 if necessary
8. Subcontract Institution’s IRB Approval

Send these documents to Sharon Lam/OCGA. Follow-up with OCGA and Barbara Cooke on a periodic basis to ensure the creation of funding accounts.

If samples will be sent from the institution to UCLA, prepare the following:

1. Online MTA Application
2. UCLA IRB Approval
3. DMDA if samples are from the WHI (Contact Helen Penor)